Where cooling matters most

Cooling is a basic need.


Minimizing bacterial growth in dairy


Guarantee highest nutrition in food


Saving lives with cooled and potent vaccines


Ensure high quality preservation of medication


A beer is best enjoyed cold


Enjoying cold refreshment on a hot day

Coolfinity fridges provide reliable cooling, at locations with poor power availability

Reliable cooling

Even with very unreliable power supply. Coolfinity fridges provide reliable cooling without any hassle.

Prevent product waste

Coolfinity fridges cool very stable at a low temperature, preventing the waste of products inside.

No generator needed

No need for polluting and expensive back-up systems.

4-6 hours of power

Only 4 to 6 hours of power per day is needed to run the fridge 24/7.

48 hours holdover

Keep content cold up till 48 hours without power.

Powerless cooling

10 hours cooling down time at 41°C. Even without power.

Uniform 3°C

Uniform and stable cooling throughout the fridge, at a stable 3°C.

Freeze protection

No risk of frozen drinks, food or medication.

No generator needed

No more costs for polluting and expensive back-up systems.

Balanced team. Passionate entrepreneurs.

Maarten ten Houten

CEO & founder

Berend Schols

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrzej Grysiak

Sr. Business Developer

Steven Burger

Design & Innovation Mgr




Sustainable Young 100

Steven is one of the Sustainable Young 100 of 2018! The list of the Netherlands' most sustainable young professionals under 32.


Accelerator program

Merck Accelerator

Coolfinity participated in the Merck Accelerator 2017 in Nairobi. Proud to be one of the 3 startups that was selected for this program.